Sweet, Furry Creatures

You know how it’s Shark Week on the Animal Planet channel? Well it must be Rat Week in DC. In the past two days I’ve seen two dead rats on the street, one on U Street btw 18th and 17th, and this one on Florida btw 18th and 19th:

Cute, except not.

Poor little guy.

Hopefully, this guy is the sneaky cookie thief who’s been frequenting our apartment. If not, I will get you!

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Pictures from Spring

Bird area at the National Zoo

Peacock at the National Zoo

Lemon Rind at Chi Cha Lounge on U St.

Kite festival on the National Mall

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Last night, after a thrilling double-header with my boyfriend’s corporate softball team (there were injuries and an almost-bench-clearing brawl), we came home to find our water pressure very low. Turns out there was a big water main break right at the intersection of 18th, Florida, and U.

At around 5:45 pm I walked past the intersection and saw lots of police and construction crews, plus U St. between 17th and 18th was closed off. Now I know why!

Here’s what they said about it on Fox DC.

Does it seem to anyone else like water main breaks are becoming a daily occurrence? I wonder if it’s something that happens frequently in the summer, or if this city’s aging infrastructure is finally giving way. Whatever it is, I was happy to be able to shower this morning and I hope it doesn’t happen again soon in our neck of the jungle.

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